Gecko Appearing in Compuserve Betas

Thursday October 18th, 2001

AOL today confirmed that Gecko has been embedding into beta versions of CompuServe 7, according to this article. AOL 7 was released yesterday, still with IE as its embedded browser, but because CompuServe's software seems to be much like the AOL software, it's likely that we could also see AOL sporting Gecko as it's browser in the future.

#121 Re: Re: Re: Bug Reports

by gwalla <>

Friday October 26th, 2001 3:36 PM

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"You are obviously an unaware Mozilla flunky. You apparently think I said I was unable to find a bug. My problem was more the opposite."

Same difference. You searched to see if there weren't any relevant bug report, and your search came back with an irrelevant bug report. Most people above the age of 5 are capable of making the logical deduction that in that case there probably isn't a relevant bug report.

"Joke bugs waste a significant amount of time when people assume the bug reports are serious because of years of Mozilla flunkies moaning about how serious they are and how frivolous bugs have no place in Bugzilla."

Let me get this straight. You saw a bug titled "Vending machine out of cookies" or something like that and you thought it was a *serious bug*?