Gecko Appearing in Compuserve Betas

Thursday October 18th, 2001

AOL today confirmed that Gecko has been embedding into beta versions of CompuServe 7, according to this article. AOL 7 was released yesterday, still with IE as its embedded browser, but because CompuServe's software seems to be much like the AOL software, it's likely that we could also see AOL sporting Gecko as it's browser in the future.

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by niner

Tuesday October 23rd, 2001 2:25 PM

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>Re XUL over the web: It shouldn't be doing that, accoring to the security requirements at (LINK).

After reading that I'm not sure if it should. There is the line "* No web-based XUL" but then it is explained as that web content shouldn't have any access to the browser XUL. I think that this means just that webcontent shouldn't be able to manipulate the browser GUI. After all the Sidebar tabs are XUL either and they come from theweb.

>As for costs, Microsoft Script Debugger and Microsoft Internet Explorer are both free downloads. Okay I thought you were referencing something like the Visual Studio

>There are quite a lot of these improvements. I wish the W3C would pick them up. i wish Mozilla would emulate them. Sigh. Actually at least the innerHTML is emulated like you often told. So maybe the W3C will add useful functions to the standards if they are needed, we can only hope.