Gecko Appearing in Compuserve Betas

Thursday October 18th, 2001

AOL today confirmed that Gecko has been embedding into beta versions of CompuServe 7, according to this article. AOL 7 was released yesterday, still with IE as its embedded browser, but because CompuServe's software seems to be much like the AOL software, it's likely that we could also see AOL sporting Gecko as it's browser in the future.

#100 Stability

by tny

Tuesday October 23rd, 2001 2:12 PM

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Strauss, what version of Windows are you using? I've found NTs (2K, XP) perfectly stable with IE, but 9xs (SE, ME) very, very unstable with IE - and with IE6, SE is a dog. Far more so than even OS 9 (which is crash prone).

If you're using an NT every day, that would certainly explain your better opinion of MS products.

To give the devil his due, XUL is not a standard. So saying "why do a page in DHTML when you can do it in XUL" is not an argument. The point is to make pages work no matter which browser (within reason), not to make them work in Mozilla and not in IE.