Mozilla 1.0 Definition

Tuesday October 16th, 2001

Brendan Eich,'s Technical Bigshot, today posted what believes are the criteria to release a 1.0 milestone. The posting outlines exactly what Mozilla 1.0 is (and isn't), how plans to get there, and what the timeline to get to 1.0 is. Also, it explains why a 1.0 release is needed, and why it's not just another milestone.

#62 I suggest you to read the bug report

by dipa

Monday October 22nd, 2001 1:09 AM

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On that report, there is a lot of good reasoning on both sides. I have already said that, for public discussions in newsgroups and bbs forums, current implementation is much better. But that doesn't apply to many other types of everyday mailing. prefers to "teach" people good email practices by not supporting a sometimes essential feature. For sure, they won't accomplish anything useful. It's wrong practice to cut off features in order to make users following a nettiquete they are not educated to understand. E.g., the vast majority uses automatic generation of "Re:" + + old_subject out of any context. Just to save time, they don't bother editing the subject. Take a look at most mozillazine threads (including this one). Would you decide to stop supporting automatic "Re:" creation and force users to manually insert subject on all replies?.