Mozilla 1.0 Definition

Tuesday October 16th, 2001

Brendan Eich,'s Technical Bigshot, today posted what believes are the criteria to release a 1.0 milestone. The posting outlines exactly what Mozilla 1.0 is (and isn't), how plans to get there, and what the timeline to get to 1.0 is. Also, it explains why a 1.0 release is needed, and why it's not just another milestone.

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by SubtleRebel <>

Saturday October 20th, 2001 8:29 AM

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What "FACTS" did I, or anyone else, alledgedly flame him about?

strauss usually gets criticized because of one or more of the reasons listed in my previous post. He does not get flamed for making valid criticism. His posts occassionally contain valid points, but they are buried in a bunch of garbage. If the point is valid then there is little need for someone to post a response saying "your point about *** was right" but there are a lot of good reasons to post a response debunking all the garbage in his posts. If strauss could post his valid points without the garbage then he would not receive the criticism.

Brendan's document does not contain any of the garbage that strauss includes and that is why Brendan's document is welcomed and strauss's posts are discouraged.

strauss's posts are annoying and frustrating because they are insulting and/or illogical and/or just plain wrong -- it is not because they are embarrasing to the Mozilla project; strauss is the only one who should be embarrassed by his posts.