Mozilla 1.0 Definition

Tuesday October 16th, 2001

Brendan Eich,'s Technical Bigshot, today posted what believes are the criteria to release a 1.0 milestone. The posting outlines exactly what Mozilla 1.0 is (and isn't), how plans to get there, and what the timeline to get to 1.0 is. Also, it explains why a 1.0 release is needed, and why it's not just another milestone.

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by jilles

Wednesday October 17th, 2001 12:59 AM

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I have made several pleas for a 1.0 during the past few weeks. Invariably I got a response basically telling me 1.0 is not necessary since third parties can just use whatever is available. I'm glad I am not alone anymore. I see this as a sign of further maturing the development process. Testing and stabilizing are very much part of a development process. I never liked the attitude of leaving the finishing touch to third parties such as Netscape.

I also think it is very wise to take a few milestones to stabilize things. I hope feature creep can be avoided for these milestones. Stuff like a link bar is nice but in no way essential for most users. Adding such stuff temporarily destabilizes mozilla and also creates new issues.