Mozilla 0.9.5 Released

Friday October 12th, 2001 today released Mozilla milestone 0.9.5. This release contains both the famed tab browser and the new links toolbar along with the new JavaScript debugger, Venkman. Along with those new features, 0.9.5 also now has reorderable columns in mail and history, and updates to the view source window and the JavaScript console.

You can grab a build from the releases page or right from the FTP server, and check out the release notes for more info on what's new.

#1 great!

by cyfer

Friday October 12th, 2001 6:20 PM

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great! i love javascript debugger!

#2 Excellent -- Two Questions

by Mike_Cornall

Friday October 12th, 2001 11:41 PM

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Excellent work, and congratulations to the Mozilla developers. I have been enjoying Mozilla 0.9.1 since June. It has great features, and has proven to be very stable. It is already in better shape than the 1.0, or even the 2.0, releases of some other major Linux software suites.

I have two questions that I am hoping someone might be able to answer.

The first question involves fonts. My fonts look perfect in Mozilla 0.9.1, yet, on some sites (e.g., the fonts don't look right in later Mozilla releases (e.g. 0.9.4 or 0.9.5). I can't see any difference in the configuration, and changing the font resolution in the Mozilla preferences does not seem to fix the problem. Therefore, my first question is this:

1) Did anything change in the font handling, after Mozilla 0.9.1, and, if so, what do I need to do to make my fonts look as good in Mozilla 0.9.5 as they do in Mozilla 0.9.1?

My second question involves Netscape 6.1. For various reasons, I would like to be able to run Mozilla 0.9.x, and Netscape 6.1, at the same time, on Linux, under the same user (as I currently do with Netscape 4.7x and Mozilla 0.9.x). My question is this:

2) How do I configure either Mozilla 0.9.x, or Netscape 6.1, on Linux, to use a different directory than ~/.mozilla?

#5 Re: Excellent -- Two Questions

by rginda

Saturday October 13th, 2001 12:54 AM

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I fixed my font problems by adjusting the DPI in Prefs->Apperance->Fonts.

#16 Re: Excellent -- Two Questions

by Gerv

Saturday October 13th, 2001 8:51 AM

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rbs did rewrite the fonts system in this milestone. If you are having problems, please file bugs, giving as much detail as possible.


#43 Re: Excellent -- Two Questions

by filsed

Saturday October 13th, 2001 7:17 PM

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Hi there, I have had the same problem with fonts on some pages like since mozilla 0.9.4, but when I specified the resolution of 96 dpi in fonts preferences everything is OK. Otherwise 0.9.5 is very usable and stable and even my previous problem with loging to Bank of America is fixed.

#52 Yes, that worked for me too

by Ripat <>

Sunday October 14th, 2001 1:50 AM

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Setting the resolution to 96dpi solved the problem for me too.

#3 Release goals?

by cyd

Saturday October 13th, 2001 12:34 AM

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I don't follow Mozilla development closely. Can someone tell me what the primary goal of this release was? Is it a performance release? Stability? Usability? Features?


#4 Re: Release goals?

by cyfer

Saturday October 13th, 2001 12:41 AM

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