Mozilla Developer Day

Thursday October 11th, 2001 announced today that they will be hosting another developer day for those interested in contributing to Mozilla. Traditionally, developer days have been a chance to meet people who you only know from bugzilla and IRC, and to learn more about processes and the Mozilla code base. It will take place on November 9 at Netscape's Mountain View campus in California.

UPDATE: Note that the date is the 9th, not the 11th.

#6 Teleday?

by coldacid <>

Friday October 12th, 2001 3:05 AM

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This will probably sound really stupid or something, but it's worth a shot.

Have, on the same day and same time, a Developer Day conference on the other side of the continent (perhaps in Toronto) and have it set up that the people at the two different sites can still meet each other and everything like that. While out there they will be having late lunch, we can have a brunch out here in the eastern TZ. It would be 8am-2pm here, and there are a number of good spots to hold it at.

Many of us can't make it all the way to Mountain View, and end up unhappy because the people who can get to have all the fun.