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Wednesday October 10th, 2001

Many in the community have been discussing what components nightly builds should include by default. We wanted to find out what you think? Are you happy to see the new Javascript Debugger included in the build? Would you like to see other things shipped, like the DOM Inspector? Or would you rather only see the browser shipped, and make the rest, like Mail/News, Chatzilla, and other components, optional add ons?

#5 All and add-ons!?

by dat94egu

Wednesday October 10th, 2001 1:19 AM

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I'm not sore how mozilla-installer/mozilla components works but I would like to see all available components in nightly build but broken up so that I can install just the components that I would like to test out. In the list over components that are possible to install are all the components and some of them are listed as developing that means buggy, incomplete and may crash you browser.

Thie componet list would look some thing like this:

Mozilla Browser Mozilla Mail/News Java-script debugger (developing) DOM-Inspector (developing) :

This way more people (I expect) will try out the latest components to see if they work.