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Wednesday October 10th, 2001

Many in the community have been discussing what components nightly builds should include by default. We wanted to find out what you think? Are you happy to see the new Javascript Debugger included in the build? Would you like to see other things shipped, like the DOM Inspector? Or would you rather only see the browser shipped, and make the rest, like Mail/News, Chatzilla, and other components, optional add ons?


by Tanyel <>

Sunday October 14th, 2001 2:48 PM

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That would be a good way to justify the startup time. It would also be a good excuse for preloading Mozilla. That may also end all of the arguments about which platform gets the most attention. I think it would have to be POSIX-compliant to get all of the open source people to shut up. A rift may develop between the Linux users and the Mozilla users over which god they should worship. I would type much more if I thought there was a chance this would happen.

I think a Mozilla "office suite" would be pointless because nobody is going to wait 30 seconds for a word processor, database or spreadsheet to load. Also, there would be an argument about Microsoft preloading parts of Microsoft Office to make it seem faster than Mozilla. Mozilla flunkies would refuse to support Office documents even though everybody else uses them. That would result in a "standards body" producing "standards" for word processor files that nobody will ever use. In the event that any of the "standards" become widely accepted, the "standards body" will immediately give its members the right to charge royalties for everything they offered for free as part of a massive "bait-and-switch" campaign.