Major (and FAST!) Progress on the GTK Mozilla Transition!

Saturday November 14th, 1998

Greg Hayes writes in with a link to screenshots at our favorite binaries site, Mozbin! Greg writes, "Amazing progress on GTK Mozilla! Check out this link for a timeline of screenshots!

Many thanks to Pavlov and the other contributors."

Also, note that the XPViewer has been "theme" enabled as well!

#2 Re:Major (and FAST!) Progress on the GTK Mozilla T

by Ryan Bacon <>

Monday November 16th, 1998 7:50 AM

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My guess is that until Oct 26, NGL was basically a small group of Win32 developers inside Netscape. There was never any time to do any of the mozilla customization; given the choice of mozilla-izing a project and getting the fundamental engine and skeleton details to work, I would choose the latter.