MozillaZine Comments on W3C Patent Policy Proposal

Wednesday October 10th, 2001 today posted a response to the World Wide Web Consortium's Patent Policy Draft. Many in the open source community oppose the W3C's current proposal on patents, as they feel that it will allow corporations to control standards, rather than an independent W3C. You can also view the other responses, as well as post your own.

#4 Rape and Abuse for Nickels and Dimes

by jesusX <>

Wednesday October 10th, 2001 5:57 PM

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With mere minutes before this week's Enterprise on the east coast, I just wanted to say I just finished reading the official postion to RAND (Rape and Abuse for Nickels and Dimes) is extremely eloquent, sussinct, clear, and unyeilding while still remaining respectful and respectable. Good job.