Links Toolbar Landed

Wednesday October 3rd, 2001

Gervase Markham writes: "The Links Toolbar from bug 87428 has finally landed, bringing us ever-closer to full support for HTML 2.0. You'll see it in this morning's builds. The auto-show is still in development over in bug 102832. Good places to try it out are Bugzilla buglists, the W3C, and many machine-generated manuals or documents, such as the GNU Make manual."

#16 Re: Links and tabs

by bertilow

Wednesday October 3rd, 2001 6:05 PM

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Oh yeah!

First the tabs, now links. Wonderful! Mozilla is really shaping up, getting new stuff that Explorer does not have. When 1.0 is finally launched these features really have to be pushed to the public. Many ordinary users will probably want to switch to Mozilla (or Netscape) when they see this stuff.

Now I just have to get around to adding link info to all my own pages. Some of them can really profit from this functionality.

Now, what I'd like to see is a way to make choice of alternate stylesheets stick from one page to another on the same site. As things stand now the alternate stylesheet functionality is pretty useless. If a big site uses the same stylesheets for all pages, a visitor has to remake his stylesheet choice for every page, again and again and again... Not much sense in that. (Sorry about the rant. Don't stop 1.0 just for this...)