Links Toolbar Landed

Wednesday October 3rd, 2001

Gervase Markham writes: "The Links Toolbar from bug 87428 has finally landed, bringing us ever-closer to full support for HTML 2.0. You'll see it in this morning's builds. The auto-show is still in development over in bug 102832. Good places to try it out are Bugzilla buglists, the W3C, and many machine-generated manuals or documents, such as the GNU Make manual."

#129 Re: I\'m kind of confused.

by TonyG <>

Sunday October 7th, 2001 5:00 AM

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> ... but if you are only talking about deploying it as your company browser of choice then I am not sure if she handles that kind of thing or not.

This is just about using Mozilla as the company browser. We used to have NS4 and IE5 on the desktop. We are now IE only. At the time (6 months ago) The decision to drop NS4 was made, Mozilla was looked at but rejected on the grounds I mentioned, plus a few more that have since been resolved. The decision is not mine to make anyway. I am just one of several people pushing for a standards-based approach to web development within the company so we don't get locked into proprietary IE code. The recent NIMDA virus hit very hard as well, so the idea of having a second browser is gaining ground. Mozilla would be a second browser that also happens to be very standards compliant.

>Then when explaining the various issues, you seemed rather uncertain about whether Mozilla actually had problems with those issues or not.

As I said, these points were plucked off a longer list of blockers written 6 months or so ago. I just skimmed through and grabbed the ones of which I have some knowledge. I am pursuing clarity on all the points I feel are relevant. This post was just me thinking aloud...

>Since those issues are not of real concern to ME, I have no immediate knowledge about their status. However, if I were interested then I am sure that I could quickly determine whether or not ActiveX plugin works and whether or not the browser only installation loads unneeded libraries.

I have made a few enquiries about ActiveX support. I would just add that the list I gave had about 5 points on it. The original list had about 30 issues listed on it, so I'm getting there.

>If you are talking about using Mozilla as a basis for some project for which you need the various features that you mentioned, then I would suggest your company assign one of their programmers to the tasks of addressing the appropriate bugs.

Again this is in the context of deploying Mozilla as a desktop browser to sit side by side with IE. IE does all the things needed of it, so the chances of developers being assigned to work on Mozilla are zero at the moment. The current economic climate does not help either as all non essential projects are on hold/cancelled. I follow a few bugs in Mozilla but not all of them and I am also learning XUL so I can get involved.