Links Toolbar Landed

Wednesday October 3rd, 2001

Gervase Markham writes: "The Links Toolbar from bug 87428 has finally landed, bringing us ever-closer to full support for HTML 2.0. You'll see it in this morning's builds. The auto-show is still in development over in bug 102832. Good places to try it out are Bugzilla buglists, the W3C, and many machine-generated manuals or documents, such as the GNU Make manual."

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by strauss

Saturday October 6th, 2001 1:52 PM

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You can't really think that ratings on have anything to do with anything, can you? I mean, you're just teasing me, right? They're not comparative rankings.

Anyway, it's not even true. Compare the MacOS Netscape 6.1 <…000-103-1.lst-7-1.6818222> with the MacOS Internet Explorer <…005-103-1.lst-7-1.1591065> . Last time I looked, 81% was higher than 55%. You might also look at the download totals and vote counts.

Here's another link for you. Enjoy! <…001/September/browser.php>