New Patch Maker Available

Thursday September 27th, 2001

Gervase Markham writes: "I've written some Perl software called Patch Maker that enables people to contribute patches and bugfixes to Mozilla using only a nightly build - i.e. without having to set up a build environment. Currently, it only works on Linux, even though setting up a build is easiest on that platform - the plan is to shake the bugs out there and also to get help porting it to Windows and Mac, where building is a lot harder.

The web page is up, and I'm looking for lots of good feedback. Please, try it out and let me know what you think. And if you are a Perl hacker on Windows or Mac, I'd also like to hear from you :-)"

#20 Slashdot does it again...

by cyd

Sunday October 7th, 2001 6:54 PM

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Looks like Cmdr "But Personally, I Use Konqueror" Taco and his intrepid band are at it again. They just posted a link to MozillaQuest's take on this, which has its usual tangential relationship with reality.