New Tab Browser in Nightly Builds

Thursday September 27th, 2001

Doron Rosenberg writes: "New nightlies now have a tabbed browsing feature! Hit ctrl-t to open new tabs. His Hyattness recently checked it in, and has fixed most of the bugs over the past few days. Please file any bugs to the XPToolkit component.

Also, Dan Parent from OEone noticed that typing chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul in a tab loads mailnews into the tab! Same with Chatzilla (chrome://chatzilla/content/chatzilla.xul )."

#65 what about...?

by elacin <>

Tuesday October 2nd, 2001 6:01 PM

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What about adding the list of tabs to the sidebar? It's always more convenient to list them vertically rather than horizontally, because then the captions won't be so short when you get a lot. Also, you wouldn't have to "lose" the extra space occupied by the tablist as of current...

Could be a pain in the ass for the users which are not comfortable with / doesn't want to use the sidebar though.

Just my 0.02$ =)