Full Article Attached Help! All This Developer Talk Confuses Me!

Thursday September 27th, 2001

There's been a lot of confusion about Mozilla branches and how they relate to commercial releases from vendors like Netscape. Asa Dotzler is here to help clear up some of that confusion. Click the Full Article link to read on.

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by ckjnigel

Sunday September 30th, 2001 5:08 PM

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I learned enough to be more confused. But, my headline describes the essence of my question. There must be some way of gauging what proportion of the development effort comes from salaried Netscape employees vs. all other contributors. I noticed special procedures for NS people on the page describing smoketest procedures -- what is that about? Also, there was mention of a sweetlou ftp server which I can't access -- was that something exclusively for NS people?