Chromeffects Shelved! Surprise, Surprise!

Friday November 13th, 1998

Asa Dotzler writes in to say that Microsoft's Chromeffects is going the way of the dinosaur! (the link is to CNet's TechNews at

Good riddance, I say. Thankfully the antitrust trial was able to put the fear of god into Microsoft, otherwise we'd all be subject to this proprietary nonsense.

#1 Re:Chromeffects Shelved! Surprise, Surprise!

by george

Friday November 13th, 1998 8:27 PM

I am just so surprised, that M$ didn't even consider to make it more open...

Even in that Halloween document, that Microsoft said they had to make proprietary protocols. They didn't even consider making a better product that linux.

This is why, Microsoft is in court.