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Wednesday September 19th, 2001

Gervase Markham writes: "Today we are checking in the first set of license changes into the Mozilla source tree, in our effort to get all code licensed in a way which addresses concerns about potential incompatibilities between the MPL and the GPL and LGPL. Our ultimate goal is to relicense all the Mozilla code under an MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license (except for a few contributed files which will remain under their current BSD-style licenses). For more information on this ongoing effort see the Mozilla Relicensing FAQ. Please read that before asking questions in the comments." Click the Full Article link to find out more about the relicensing.

#10 Re: Re: when do we fork?

by david_ascher <>

Wednesday September 19th, 2001 4:10 PM

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Just to follow-up to one of Asa's points -- we (ActiveState) have _not_ forked Mozilla. We have made some patches to Mozilla for use in Komodo, but publish those patches with each release (see <http://aspn.activestate.c…SPN/Downloads/Komodo/More>, under "Built on Mozilla").

This is not a fork (<…rgon/html/entry/fork.html>), since we don't do parallel development. Finally, all of our changes to Mozilla are either "branding" changes (e.g. the splashscreen) or bugs for which we submit bugs in Mozilla's bugzilla when we have a general fix. We are not interested in maintaining a fork of Mozilla -- that is why we contribute numerous patches to Mozilla and have placed the PyXPCOM bindings in the Mozilla source tree.

While we have made some modifications to bugzilla (, those aren't modifications to a code base we distribute. My understanding of the MPL clause 3.2 is that the modifications to the source code must only be made if you actually distribute the executable. In the case of Bugzilla, most of the changes are cosmetic or irrelevant to the larger public (and have to do with integration with ActiveState IT systems), with minor feature enhancements which we'll share with anyone interested in adding them to the mainline.

To finish, I agree w/ Asa -- the threat of forking is pretty low from where I'm standing.

-- David Ascher Director, Programming Tools ActiveState