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Tuesday September 18th, 2001

We've got a new poll up, for your polling pleasure. It deals with the new Quick Launch feature, and we wanted to know what you think of it. If you think it's buggy, or have improvements, you can note that here, or in the poll's talkback. Poll away!

#87 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Quick-launch on MacOS/

by Tanyel <>

Monday October 1st, 2001 9:42 AM

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"So let me get this straight, purely for the purposes of petty victories"

I am glad you realize that is your goal.

"Someone says 'I wish we had -turbo for Mac, Linux. You said, incorrectly, that the response would be 'Do it yourself' which you claim is the usual Open Source one."

I said, "I think the traditional Mozilla response is, "program it yourself.'" Do you think I am wrong about what I think? You would have a better chance of getting your "petty victory" if you claimed I was thinking wrongly but you would still fail because I am right.

"I say 'Better than 'You dare to actually presume to want something out of a product you just use' like the closed source response'."

You said, "And I soooo prefer the closed source response of 'Sorry, you want the program to do something...?!?!?'"

"You say 'Actually the closed source version already has the feature' which is totally wrong since both IE and Netscape have -turbo for windows, and neither has it for Mac / Linux (the latter where IE is significantly more functional)."

The closed-source version is Internet Explorer for Windows and the open-source version is an allegedly cross-platform Mozilla. I said, "In this case, the closed source alternative has already implemented the requested feature, which is what prompted people to request it in the open source software." At this point, you have misquoted me twice, misquoted yourself once, and attributed another person's quote to me in an attempt to gain a "petty victory."

"And the reason for this is that, er, you interpreted my comment as being about something completely different from the one I was replying to."

You typed, "And I soooo prefer the closed source response of 'Sorry, you want the program to do something...?!?!?'" The original focus of the thread was implementation of features on Mac and Windows operating systems. Unless Linux is closed-source then when you focus purely on closed-source software, I think it is reasonable to assume the focus changed. I do not understand "er" but I assume it is a pointless interjection as part of your strategy to gain a "petty victory."

"Methinks it is your comments reinterpreting what people say, and responding to completely different requests than those made."

Youthinks that? I think you are another pointless Mozilla flunkie.