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Tuesday September 18th, 2001

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#79 Some proofs that part of IE is preloaded

by dipa

Sunday September 23rd, 2001 1:17 PM

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Macpeep, I did my homework, as I promised. I used some memory monitor utilities to reveal which dlls are used by Internet Explorer.

So, IE 5.5 on my machine (rather minimal installation, no active desktop) uses 35 dlls. 22 of them are already loaded when Windows 98 startup and used by Windows Explorer memory resident part. Of these 22 preloaded files, 19 are also used by the Mozilla browser. The remaining three are : BROWSEUI.DLL (823926 bytes), BROWSELC.DLL (45056 bytes) and SHDOCVW.DLL (1159168 bytes). Total 1.93 MB.

The question is : are presence of the above three dlls significant enough to support the theory that IE "cheats", regarding to startup time ? The answer is yes. It's user interface (BROWSEUI.DLL and BROWSELC.DLL) is indeed preloaded (macpeep, do you remember that I already said that before?) and, while ui isn't the largest part of a complex application, it might be a significant one. IE probably displays it's ui before it's actually ready to retrieve data. So it needs to have its ui preloaded, because first impression is what it counts.

But those IE specific dlls are not the whole part of the story:

1. Mozilla UI is created from zero because it doesn't use Windows system libraries (the opposite would be against Mozilla philosofy, since system libraries are not platform independed).

2. Essential IE data structures (bookmarks for sure, preferences perhaps) are preloaded at system startup. Please, always remember that.

3. Essential system libraries might contain IE specific functions (undocumented, of course). This is only guessing but I would consider very silly for MS to leave this opportunity unused.

That is all I can do. Surely there are professionals that would contribute much more than me on this subject.