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Tuesday September 18th, 2001

We've got a new poll up, for your polling pleasure. It deals with the new Quick Launch feature, and we wanted to know what you think of it. If you think it's buggy, or have improvements, you can note that here, or in the poll's talkback. Poll away!

#63 Re: Re: Does preloading work?

by macpeep

Thursday September 20th, 2001 1:54 AM

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Ok.. I did.. I ran the stuff on my computer at work; HP Vectra, 800-something MHz, 256MB of ram, Windows 2000. The tests were made with build 2001091903, which was the latest nightly build at the time of the tests.

First I installed Mozilla and configured it the way I want it (theme, bookmarks, toolbar buttons, sidebar panels etc.). Before installing, I deleted any trace of any old Mozilla's (All files from my "documents and settings\username\application data\mozilla" dir, as well as all files from the old Mozilla "bin" dir. Did I miss something btw?).

Then I enabled QuickLaunch and tried it out a few times.. And finally exited so that only QuickLaunch was running in the taskbar tray, but no windows open. I then loaded Visual C++ and compiled an app that took about 10 minutes or so to compile and heavily trashed the hard drive and hopefully swapped out everything from RAM. I then proceeded to open a new window from the Mozilla quick launch tray icon and timed it. Result: 5 seconds.

I exited Visual C++, waited for things to calm down a little, closed Mozilla and then relaunched a Mozilla window from the tray icon again. Result: 3 seconds.

Finally, I disabled quick launch, waited for about 30 seconds and ran Mozilla. Result: 5 seconds.

Not very conclusive results I'd say, since all the loading times are relatively low. This is why I'm not that excited about Quick Launch myself. The loading time is fast enough for me anyway. At home, I have 384 MB of RAM on my desktop machine so there's a considerable disk cache anyway. In any case, the little this test showed was that a swapped out quick launch isn't much slower than a non swapped out, but then again, it's also not any faster than a normal load.

I'd like to see what kind of results other people are getting on a similar test..