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Tuesday September 18th, 2001

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#41 Re: Windows without preloading IE

by SubtleRebel <>

Wednesday September 19th, 2001 1:06 PM

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Looking at info on IEradicator on a different page of the same site, it says that removing IE will clear off 30+ MB of disk space rather than the 40+ MB that I saw on a different page. I am not sure which number is right, but both came from the website.

BTW,IEradicator is a free download and works with all Windows 95/98/ME and IE 3 through IE 6.0 beta 1 (although not all of them preload) --- perhaps the difference between the 30+ MB and 40+ MB depends on which versions of Windows and IE are involved.

For more details on what all IEradicator does, see <>