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Tuesday September 18th, 2001

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#27 Re: Re: Re: IE preloading

by dipa

Wednesday September 19th, 2001 8:16 AM

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Proposing three tests, the latter being not so scientific but still better than the other two: 1. Find which dlls are used by both IE and Windows Explorer and they weren't included in previous versions of Windows (such as common dialog controls etc). The latter might be a difficult task.2. Find which dlls used by IE are memory resident after Windows startup. 3. Take a Win95A system without IE installed and measure startup time. Then, install IE 5.5 on it and measure system startup time again. I bet you will see a significant increase, particularly if you don't have a state of the art hard disk subsystem.

I 'll try the second test and post the results here. Unfortunately, I don't have a clean Win95A system available. If someone has, please do test 3.As for your objections about UI preloading, I am still not completely convinced. You can't be sure how much code you need for maintaing its caches etc. I am just a hobbyist programmer, yet my instinct says it can't be attained as easily as you say. Still not an evidence, as I told you before.

As I already said, the whole system-restart-before-use thing is NOT an evidence. But we have Mozilla (as well as NS4x and many games) as a proof that some complex applications *do not* need restart to work. Btw, why IE needs to unload some dlls ? When I update it from local installer, IE is supposedly *not* resident. But let's consider installer contains critical system files (which, strangely enough, have not been published in other system updates), that they need update. Isn't this a strong indication that those "common" files are part of the preloaded IE ?