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Tuesday September 18th, 2001

We've got a new poll up, for your polling pleasure. It deals with the new Quick Launch feature, and we wanted to know what you think of it. If you think it's buggy, or have improvements, you can note that here, or in the poll's talkback. Poll away!

#25 Re: Re: Re: Re: It's all about the feeling

by arnoudb <>

Wednesday September 19th, 2001 7:34 AM

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Then buy some more RAM. It's not like it actually costs anything these days. There's just no excuse to have less than 256 with these prices, no matter how tight your budget. Having only 64 megs is hardly enough to run Mozilla anyway, -turbo or not. If you have plenty of RAM (I have 1GB), then -turbo is definately something you'll want, it eats many seconds of Moz's startup time, even on an Athlon 1200.