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Tuesday September 18th, 2001

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#22 Re: Re: IE preloading

by macpeep

Wednesday September 19th, 2001 6:25 AM

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The UI of IE is pre loaded? Oh my god! That must be several kilobytes worth of code! Come on.. get serious. If IE *IS* pre loaded (which it very well might be, that's what I'm asking here), then the UI probably is one of the few parts that are NOT pre loaded.

"The way OS handles IE updates (system restart needed etc) might be another one".

Umm, so does a million other pieces of software. The reason for this is that some DLL's that IE uses (and the other software that requires a reboot) can't be unloaded and thus requires a reboot at which point the DLL's are replaced by the new versions. Many games requie a reboot. So does the Java VM. That's not a proof of preloading though.

"ridiculously low footprint indications on TaskManager."

I don't know about ridiculously low. You can check the exact amount of memory each process uses with, for example, the process viewer tool that comes with Visual C++ / Visual Studio. It shows every loaded DLL, and how much memory is used and where that memory goes. The IE process uses about the same amount of memory as Netscape 4.. An empty IE window uses about 7 MB.