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Tuesday September 18th, 2001

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#19 Does preloading work?

by macpeep

Wednesday September 19th, 2001 5:40 AM

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Provocative title, I know.. :) What I mean is this:

Suppose you have 128 megs of RAM, use Mozilla with -turbo and thus have it preloaded. Now suppose you just use your machine for other stuff for a few hours.. play games, use Star Office and other stuff that uses a lot of RAM. If I understand correctly, the Mozilla in the background is more or less completely idle and will be swapped out to the disk.

Now if you "launch Mozilla", how much faster will the launch actually be? The preloaded Mozilla will swap out from the disk into RAM instead of just loading form the disk. Will this actually be any faster? I can definitely see that loading, exiting, loading, exiting would be way faster with -turbo mode, but that's not exactly a typical situation..