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Monday September 17th, 2001

Mitchell posted an update of her situation with reguards to her standing in She will be staying on as Chief Lizard Wrangler, only without the added role of being the liaison between and Netscape. Click the Full Article link to get the full scoop.

#7 Time invested and responsibilities.

by jelwell

Monday September 17th, 2001 11:13 PM

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I, like Eric Murphy, wonder what Mitchell does for Mozilla - not Netscape. From the website,

"Mitchell is the manager, problem arbitrator, and speaker to suits, which involves doing mysterious political things of which technical people are blissfully unaware. She also translates between suit-speak and the language the rest of us understand. If it's a question that's not about code, she's probably got her fingers in it.

As one of the first people in Netscape's legal department, Mitchell helped the company get big and became a manager. More recently, she helped unleash Mozilla's source code on the world with her work on the Netscape and Mozilla Public Licenses."

I read that as two roles: 1) Makes decisions for 2) Historical icon - created (hopefully to be defunct) MPL

How much time is Mitchell going to have to spend doing 1 now that she's not getting paid to do it?

Joseph Elwell.