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Monday September 17th, 2001

Mitchell posted an update of her situation with reguards to her standing in She will be staying on as Chief Lizard Wrangler, only without the added role of being the liaison between and Netscape. Click the Full Article link to get the full scoop.

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by Tanyel <>

Monday September 17th, 2001 10:52 PM

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I know people who are victims of downsizing. I never thought it was newsworthy. I hope this person does not experience the financial troubles of some of the unemployed people I know.

I wonder if this was a measure to reduce cost or if this was done because people at America Online were disappointed by Mozilla and its progress. I can imagine somebody from America Online asking, "when will it be done?" only to be answered with, "when it's ready." Maybe the changes will lead to a better web browser or whatever they think Gecko is.