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Monday September 17th, 2001

Mitchell posted an update of her situation with reguards to her standing in She will be staying on as Chief Lizard Wrangler, only without the added role of being the liaison between and Netscape. Click the Full Article link to get the full scoop.

#35 Whither the Appliances?

by tny

Monday September 24th, 2001 3:09 PM

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I want something with 2X the color screen realestate of a PDA, less than 3 times the weight, a scrawlable UI, and 802.11b, and I doubt that I'm alone, but it doesn't look like anyone's ready to cater to us yet.

Appliances mostly need to use proprietary hardware because the case isn't standardized, right? While you can build a Wintel computer with COTS components. Until they work out a format for using COTS parts for appliances, I don't see them gaining any ground.