MozillaZine releases Mozilla Milestone 0.9.4

Friday September 14th, 2001 today released Mozilla Milestone 0.9.4. New to this release is the ability to disable the JavaScript method during page load and unload events. You can find more information on what's new at the release notes.

Builds are available on's download page(or go right to the FTP directory).

A recent post to the Mozilla builds newsgroup explains that Netscape will continue to check into the 0.9.4 branch. Work continues on the trunk toward Mozilla 0.9.5.

#64 Open Source

by SubtleRebel <>

Saturday September 15th, 2001 4:02 PM

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>> He's been claiming that has been keeping the identity of who would be using the branch to create a commercial Mozilla-based release "a closely guarded secret". Er, what ?! AOL/Netscape are obviously those people..., but Angelo now claims Mozilla isn't a "true open source project" because of this non-existent "secret" ! <<

"It's a valid issue. Asa has also refused to answer the question, and it's not obvious that AOL is who he was talking about. There is a conflict between having secret arrangements with commercial vendors and being "open." It's one of the more interesting issues facing the open source community today and is coming up on a number of projects. When is open not open?"


Regardless of how many commercial vendors are utilizing Mozilla code, regardless of whether or not everyone knows who they are, the project is still open source.

Anyone who wants to can download the code. Anyone who wants to can potentially contribute code. Anyone who wants to can create a project based on Mozilla code. When these things are true, then it is open source. If a specific company wants the project to go a certain direction and provides resources to help it move their way, then that does not stop the project from being open source. It may help their most hated bugs get squashed sooner or it may help their favorite features to be implemented faster than others, but anyone making similar contributions can have similar influence. That is because it is open source. I do not see how that can be questioned.