MozillaZine releases Mozilla Milestone 0.9.4

Friday September 14th, 2001 today released Mozilla Milestone 0.9.4. New to this release is the ability to disable the JavaScript method during page load and unload events. You can find more information on what's new at the release notes.

Builds are available on's download page(or go right to the FTP directory).

A recent post to the Mozilla builds newsgroup explains that Netscape will continue to check into the 0.9.4 branch. Work continues on the trunk toward Mozilla 0.9.5.

#21 I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad...

by rkl

Saturday September 15th, 2001 2:35 AM

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I'm wondering if we ought to have a collection to help Mike Angelo get some therapy - he seems to have some strange ideas about Mozilla 0.9.4:

* It's "very buggy" (this claim is purely based on [incorrect] bug counts and not actually on user experience of the browser. In fact, Angelo actual admits later that he hasn't even done some simple testing of 0.9.4 !). It is also later contradicted by saying that "the changes...are behind-the-scenes improvements in performance and stability" (er, doesn't that make Mozilla *less* buggy ?).

* Because 0.9.4 was delayed a week (which, to me, is a minute amount of time in such a large project as Mozilla), he accuses of "poor program management" and making "inappropriate concessions to AOL/Netscape" (what were those concessions ? Making -turbo the default ? Adding in disabling of ?).

* He's been claiming that has been keeping the identity of who would be using the branch to create a commercial Mozilla-based release "a closely guarded secret". Er, what ?! AOL/Netscape are obviously those people (although clearly, other vendors could step in and use 0.9.4 as a base for a commercial browser as well), but Angelo now claims Mozilla isn't a "true open source project" because of this non-existent "secret" !

* In a show of paranoid delusion, he is convinced that -turbo is the one of the biggest evils in the universe. He's saying "don't get rid of pre-0.9.4 releases, install 0.9.4 in a separate dir, don't enable -turbo". Never mind the fact that the user can disable -turbo in *both* the Installer (where it is ultra-clear - it's got a big dialogue box of its own explaining about it) and the Preferences dialogue [oh, AND the status tray pop-up menu !].

* He complains that there isn't a non-Talkback installer. Er, does this matter at all anyway - you don't notice any diff unless Mozilla crashes, in which case a dialogue box appears, which you do NOT have to send off to if you don't want to ! "Whether you participate in Mozilla talkback should be your choice, not Mozilla's". That's why you don't have to send the Talkback when there's crash - it's called choice <sigh>.

* More paranoia - "we recommend your disconnect your computer from the Internet when installing 0.9.4". If that isn't the biggest load of drivel, I don't know what is ! And what reason does he give for this suggestion ? Answer: none whatsoever (it's not even tied into his crazy Talkback rant).

In conclusion, if Angelo was talking about a commercial product like this, the company probably would have threatened him with a lawsuit by now - I believe the term is "libel". Now, I know Mozilla is a free, Open Source project, but I must say I'm a bit surprised guys like Angelo can get away with this rubbish unchallenged (yes, I know about <>, but it hasn't changed the situation :-( ). Isn't it about time one of the big IT news sites exposed MozillaQuest for what it is (rather than now seemingly linking to it each time a Mozilla comes out) ?