MozillaZine releases Mozilla Milestone 0.9.4

Friday September 14th, 2001 today released Mozilla Milestone 0.9.4. New to this release is the ability to disable the JavaScript method during page load and unload events. You can find more information on what's new at the release notes.

Builds are available on's download page(or go right to the FTP directory).

A recent post to the Mozilla builds newsgroup explains that Netscape will continue to check into the 0.9.4 branch. Work continues on the trunk toward Mozilla 0.9.5.

#19 limit on number of open windows

by chrajohn

Saturday September 15th, 2001 1:34 AM

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Okay, I've been encountering the same bug/feature/behavior for some time now with 0.9.3, and I just checked that it also occurs in 0.9.4. I'm sure people must know about it (I've sent a bunch of talkback reports), but I've had no luck searching Bugzilla; I'm just not creative/competent enough to come up with the right query. I also posted about this on n.p.m.mac but got no response.

That preamble out of the way, here the problem:

Mozilla, at least on my mac, seems to have a limit on the number of browser windows you can have open. If you hit that limit and try to open another window, Mozilla will crash without any warning. I've figured out that the limits on my machine seem to be around 10 blank windows (that is, if you hit command-N repeatedly, Mozilla with crash when the 11th window opens) and about 7 non-blank windows (determined by going to a weblog and opening links in new windows via the contextual menu or by opening bookmarks from the bookmark manager). These are the limits I've found while trying to reproduce the crashes - I'm sure different setups and different situation would yield different limits.*

Now, I recognize that no browser can open an infinite number of windows at the same time. However, while it would be nice if the limits were a bit higher, the real issue is the way Mozilla just suddenly crashes. It would be nice if there was a warning message that popped up as one approached the limit saying something like "Mozilla is running low on memory/resources/magical window-spawning juice. Please close some windows or restart Mozilla or something."

Anyway, does anyone know of any existing bugs in Mozilla that deal with these issues?

* (For fun, I decided to see how Navigator 4.08 does with these tests. To my surprise I was able to open 120 blank windows without a warning message or a crash - I could have opened more, but I got bored. As for opening links in new windows, I got to about 35 open windows before I gave up. Is this a native widget vs. XUL issue or what?)