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Tuesday September 11th, 2001

Gervase Markham posted an update on the effort to clean up the website. They will be moving to a Zope based system, and have a test site up and running. One of the features of Zope is the ability to skin the entire site. is looking for folks to help create both the default skins and a set of alternate skins. Click the full article link to find out more about this effort, and how you can participate.

#29 How actually is the asshole Mike Angelo?

by ezh <>

Wednesday September 12th, 2001 8:27 PM

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How is he? A MS worker or what?

"Mozilla Milestone 0.9.4 should have been released Friday, 7 September 2001, but it was not. The suspected reasons -- bugs, poor program management, and inappropriate concessions to AOL and its Netscape Division."

What an idiot! If mozilla rulers decided a release sometimes in September so it has to contain fixes for the features we want in it! Why the mtfcker can realize it???

I only visit the site to view the bug count for milestones, but I have to read the idiotic articles... :((((