Full Article Attached Bugzilla 2.14 Released

Tuesday September 11th, 2001

One of the many side projects that is responsible for, Bugzilla, has reached version 2.14. Dave Miller, the owner of Bugzilla, posted this update in the newsgroups as to what's new in this version. Click the Full Article link to find out more.

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by niner

Thursday September 13th, 2001 7:17 AM

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I enjoy using Bugzilla on and our own projects too. Have never seen a tool that's so helpful in managing tasks to do.

But when looking at the code and some Bugzilla utilities like the query page someone can see that it's an evolving project that has grown pretty much and may have some parts redesigned to become even better than it is now.

I suggest first of all using the HTML::Template module available from It lets you seperate desing (all HTML) and code (Perl) while being easy to use and very powerful. I'm successfully using it on our own projects and have never come to a situation where it would be easier or better to just do a print. Also internationalization can be done much easyer by having all texts away from the code and if you want you may build Bugzilla even skinnable without much effort ;)