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Tuesday September 11th, 2001

One of the many side projects that is responsible for, Bugzilla, has reached version 2.14. Dave Miller, the owner of Bugzilla, posted this update in the newsgroups as to what's new in this version. Click the Full Article link to find out more.

#6 Modular design and i18n needed.

by runstang <>

Wednesday September 12th, 2001 6:37 PM

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Now I'm hosting a slightly customized version of bugzilla and found it very helpful. But as our users generally much prefer Korean to English language, I had to translate some part of it.

As soon as I saw the code, I've found it was a big mess of hardcoded html with deprecated tags like "font". I had to "grep" the whole directory to find some hardcoded text to translate. In order to allow end users more flexibillity, I think it should be redesigned to be more modular. I hope at least there should be moderate use of css and i18n support.

It's not my intension to criticize a product which is already prooved useful. But there still left a lot of improvements to be done.