Calendar Test Day on Tuesday 17th October

Monday October 16th, 2006

The Calendar Weblog has details of a Calendar test day on Tuesday 17th October. The test day will allow interested members of the Mozilla community to contribute to the quality assurance efforts of the Lightning and Sunbird projects by finding and reporting bugs. This test day is devoted to testing interoperability of Lightning/Sunbird and other calendar applications.

Testing will take place in #calendar-qa channel of Testers should use the latest trunk nightly builds of Lightning and Sunbird. There will be prizes for the two testers who make the largest contribution to the test day. The Mozilla Wiki page on the October 17th Calendar test day has complete instructions for participating.

The 25-hour test day runs from midnight UTC/GMT on Tuesday until 1:00am UTC/GMT on Wednesday. This equates to 5:00pm Monday until 6:00pm Tuesday in Mountain View (Pacific Daylight Time), 8:00pm Monday until 9:00pm Tuesday in New York, 1:00am Tuesday until 2:00am Wednesday in London, 4:00am Tuesday until 5:00am Wednesday in Moscow, 8:00am Tuesday until 9:00am Wednesday in Beijing, 9:00am Tuesday until 10:00am Wednesday in Tokyo and 10:00am Tuesday until 11:00am Wednesday in Sydney.

#1 thunderbird cannot install file

by mynthon

Tuesday October 17th, 2006 6:02 AM

because invalid hash (possible d/l corruption). Lightning version 0.3, tb 1.5, file size: 1 388 886 bytes tried on 2 different comps (win xp sp1, win xp sp2)