BetaNews Reports on JavaScript 1.7 in Mozilla Firefox 2.0

Monday October 16th, 2006

BetaNews has a report on Mozilla Firefox 2.0's support for JavaScript 1.7. The article includes comments from Mozilla Corporation vice-president of engineering Mike Schroepfer and introduces some of the new features in JavaScript 1.7, including generators and iterators. There is also some discussion of the forthcoming JavaScript 2.0.

The Mozilla Developer Center has more details on the new features in JavaScript 1.7, as part of a wider section on Firefox 2 for developers.

Netscape Navigator 2.0 was the first JavaScript-enabled browser, allowing 1996-era Web developers to manipulate Web pages using JavaScript 1.0. Subsequent browser releases featured later versions of the JavaScript language, with Firefox 1.5 supporting JavaScript 1.6. Support for JavaScript 1.7 was introduced in Firefox 2.0 Beta 1.