Mozilla Developer Boris Zbarsky Interviewed

Monday October 16th, 2006

Asa Dotzler has conducted an interview with Mozilla developer Boris Zbarsky. Boris contributed to the Mozilla project for a number of years as a volunteer and now works part-time for the Mozilla Corporation. Questions were suggested by readers of Asa's weblog.

#1 Boris = awesome

by leafdigital

Tuesday October 17th, 2006 8:58 AM

I just wanted to say that based purely on what I've seen from a few forum posts etc., he comes across as the Mozilla project developer I have most respect for; he's also working on some of the most important areas.

Leaving aside the individuals, the Firefox front-end is decent but it wouldn't be anywhere without the layout engine behind it. With my web developer hat on, improvements to the UI for tabbed browsing are good and all but what's really important are issues like when Gecko will really step up to the key missing areas of CSS2 (and interesting parts of CSS3); one of the reasons why there's not much of a buzz about Firefox 2 is that developers - at least the savvy ones - know it's the same Gecko version.

By the way, shouldn't there be an mzine post about rc3, or was I hallucinating getting it this morning? And talking of tabbed browsing, having used the new model a bit, I strongly think that opening a new tab should automatically scroll the tab bar to the right-hand end. Otherwise with many tabs open, you open a tab and then it's incredibly painful to actually view it. This issue still seems to remain in the latest release candidate. (It is more visible than in earlier versions because the minimum tab size is much larger, and for good reason, but this aspect still needs fixing.)


#2 New background tabs

by leafdigital

Tuesday October 17th, 2006 9:05 AM

I found the bug number for an RFE re the background tabs. bug 347315 if anyone else is interested. (I left a rather pointless comment which on reflection I probably shouldn't have, but oh well.)