Screenshots updated!

Monday September 10th, 2001

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! We've found someone to take over some of the subsections of the site, and get them updated. The first page that's been updated is the Screenshots page. A huge thank you goes out to Michael Hendy who will be maintaining both the screenshots page and the Fetch Builds page, which should be updated later this week.

Along with this, we're doubling down on our efforts to post timely news and keep you better informed of what's happening. As part of this effort, we're continuing to work on getting general discussion forums set up, and hope to have that done soon.

In other site news, our poll asking you about Mozilla news sites was pulled down today, after having someone skew the results by voting 200 times for one site (us. We know we've been slacking a bit of late, but not that badly :). We'll be working on getting better polling software, and will put a new poll up when that is taken care of. Stay Tuned.

#31 Re: Thanks from asa

by GAThrawn

Tuesday September 11th, 2001 1:42 AM

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I'd definitely join in to add my support and gratitude for all of your hard work, Asa. The main reason I come here to Mozillazine is to check your Build Bar comments, see the progress and decide whether or not to download the latest build. It's even got as far as me not downloading a build unless you've reviewed it here first.

The bug numbers and links are so useful, they've given me insights into parts of the project I never would have seen otherwise, and convinced me to take the jump into contributing comments and so on to a few bugs. As well as let me see the issues behind other problems/fixes that I and others may otherwise have ignorantly maoned about, or never even knew existed.

When you started doing the TITLE= attributes it was great, it allows me to filter outbugs that I'm not interested in or have no relevance to my platform/configuration without taxing the old modem, and they've definitely been missed the few times when you've missed them out. But I can live without them if they are taking up too much of your valuable time, but please keep the bug numbers in.

Thanks for all the hard work, Asa. You have been appreciated, it's just that wiithout a general forum here there's never previously been anywhere to express our gratitude.