Screenshots updated!

Monday September 10th, 2001

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! We've found someone to take over some of the subsections of the site, and get them updated. The first page that's been updated is the Screenshots page. A huge thank you goes out to Michael Hendy who will be maintaining both the screenshots page and the Fetch Builds page, which should be updated later this week.

Along with this, we're doubling down on our efforts to post timely news and keep you better informed of what's happening. As part of this effort, we're continuing to work on getting general discussion forums set up, and hope to have that done soon.

In other site news, our poll asking you about Mozilla news sites was pulled down today, after having someone skew the results by voting 200 times for one site (us. We know we've been slacking a bit of late, but not that badly :). We'll be working on getting better polling software, and will put a new poll up when that is taken care of. Stay Tuned.

#17 Re: Re: Re: The Poll

by Tanyel <>

Monday September 10th, 2001 11:00 PM

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" is a competing website? <> is a competing website? is a competing website"

Mozillaquest is a competing website. I believe the other websites were included to mask the attack but it does not matter.

"I'm confused"

I will try to be more simple for you in the future. I suggest you use an American English dictionary if you do not understand my words individually.

"(they're trying to be my 'source for Mozilla news and _advocacy_')? I don't think you're making much sense."

Get the dictionary. Find the definitions for "competition." Competition is opposition. If Mozillazine is attempting to advocate Mozilla and offer accurate news, then a site that is not advocating Mozilla and offering inaccurate news is competition. Find the definitions for "competitors." Competitors are entities, which are all attempting to achieve a single goal that cannot be shared. Mozillazine and Mozillaquest are both attempting to attract website visitors who are interested in Mozilla. They are also both affecting public opinion of Mozilla. That would make them competitors. Compete is the base word of competitor and competition.

"I think a poll asking folks which of these information sources is doing the best job with news is a fine thing. The only problem is that it tends to be self serving to ask that at your own site. The next best think is to ask which is doing the worst job, especially in light of recent articles at, and mozillaquest."

Asking which site is doing the worst job is also self-serving. If there were a poll on the official homepage of Internet Explorer, asking which is the worst web browser, would you think it was fair? Would you think it was not self-serving?

"I see nothing unfair about polling your readership about their views on all of the major Mozilla information outlets."

Was the goal to gain aggregate information, or to make it seem that many people thought Mozillaquest was the worst Mozilla site?

"It's only unfair if you redefine fair to something like 'you can have opinions but you can't express them'."

I think removing poll results when you disagree with them can fit that definition. I do not mind you telling me why you think it was necessary to remove the poll. It would be bad if you thought that invalidated my statements.

"If giving people an oportunity to voice their opinions is unfair I don't want to live in a fair world."

Tell that to the flunkies who suggested that I should be ignored.

"I think that maliciously destroying poll data and ruining the oportunity for expression is the unfair bit."

I think that is unfair too.

"I was enjoying the talkback threads that resulted from that poll and some idiot ruined that by destroying the integrity of the discussion (I think I know who it is. He half admitted it) and causing the removal of that discussion. That's my definition of unfair."

I enjoy the conversation too. I think you underestimate my personal efforts to support Mozilla and even Mozillazine.

"I voted for as the worst. I don't consider mozillaquest to be a news site."

I voted for I only voted once.