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Monday September 10th, 2001

David Boswell has this weeks report on Mozilla based projects at and around the net, including Galeon, Amoeba, MozillaTranslator, and more. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

#1 Mozilla Translator

by asa

Monday September 10th, 2001 6:21 PM

The Mozilla Translator is really coming along nicely. I'm looking for help on a localization project so if there's anyone interested please let me know. I plan on doing a "New York City Cab Driver" localization but I need a local (preferably a cab driver, but that's probably asking too much) to help me with with some of the finer points of New York vernacular. I am envisioning a very rude browser with alerts like "Type in the damn password" (enter password) and "I'n not waitin' on this POS site" (connection timed out)


#2 Re: Mozilla Translator

by dave532

Tuesday September 11th, 2001 12:31 PM

Heh nice. I should do a Geordie one (a dialect in NE England) :)

or what about a 31337 speak one so all the script kiddles will think Mozilla r00lz