Update on 0.9.4

Friday September 7th, 2001

We asked Asa for a quick status on 0.9.4's status, which was for release this weekend, and here's what he had to say:

"Mozilla 0.9.4 daily branch builds are looking good. The Drivers have decided to get some additional coverage on the new "-turbo" mode, and we have added a few days to get it turned on by default in the win32 installer builds (don't worry, you can still uncheck the checkbox in the install routine). This and a few other late fixes have us targeting early to the middle of next week for the release. We're hoping for a good round of builds Monday, and barring any unforeseen problems, release soon after. Any help testing "-turbo" over the weekend and on Monday is greatly appreciated (you all have Bugzilla accounts, right?). The sooner we can find any problems or prove it's working the sooner we'll have our Milestone release."

Preliminary testing is showing -turbo to be a very solid new feature, so with a small amount of testing over the weekend, it should be good to go anywhere from Tuesday on.

#47 Re: Re: Re: The Poll

by macpeep

Monday September 10th, 2001 6:02 AM

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Because this site is still - by far - the best site for Mozilla news, despite that it doesn't update as often as I'd like.. While there aren't that many ARTICLES here on Mozilla news, the people are quite up to date and I find that to be a better source for information on Mozilla than anything else.

I get no satisfaction from seeing bad news about Mozilla, nor do I get any satisfaction from "bashing" the people working on it. I'm honestly and seriously interested in seeing Mozilla be a very successful project and I'm cheering for everyone involved. That doesn't mean that I would show a happy face when things are looking bad though. Like I've stated in the past, my wish would be that MozillaZine would report news in a completely objective way - be the news good OR bad. Right now, we get a lot of negative "news" from MozillaQuest and a number of other slightly more credible sites. The good news are mostly on MozillaZine and/or the comments here. I've found that the only way to get a real overview of the entire project is to read several sites since no one site seems to be totally credible. That's a sad situation and I believe that that's why MozillaZine was voted to be the 2nd worst Mozilla news site. IMHO, that's wrong.. MozillaZine is still the best news site, but it's far from perfect.

I'm not here to bash anyone nor diminish the efforts by the people involved. Don't mistake my critisism of the product as a critisism of the efforts and/or people involved.