Update on 0.9.4

Friday September 7th, 2001

We asked Asa for a quick status on 0.9.4's status, which was for release this weekend, and here's what he had to say:

"Mozilla 0.9.4 daily branch builds are looking good. The Drivers have decided to get some additional coverage on the new "-turbo" mode, and we have added a few days to get it turned on by default in the win32 installer builds (don't worry, you can still uncheck the checkbox in the install routine). This and a few other late fixes have us targeting early to the middle of next week for the release. We're hoping for a good round of builds Monday, and barring any unforeseen problems, release soon after. Any help testing "-turbo" over the weekend and on Monday is greatly appreciated (you all have Bugzilla accounts, right?). The sooner we can find any problems or prove it's working the sooner we'll have our Milestone release."

Preliminary testing is showing -turbo to be a very solid new feature, so with a small amount of testing over the weekend, it should be good to go anywhere from Tuesday on.

#45 Memory Footprint

by gssq <>

Monday September 10th, 2001 3:43 AM

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Sort of relevant, but maybe not:

People have posted complaining about Moz's humongous footprint before, and more than once, the reply has been "RAM is so cheap nowadays. Go buy some more".

But who are we to force users to buy more RAM? They'll just go to something light(er) like IE (because it *appears* to require less memory) or Lynx (heh).

Running Mozilla on Windows 98+ systems (and >90% of the world uses Windows nowadays, even though many Mozilla coders are using Linux) is like running 2 browsers at the same time (because of that pesky IE) - the RAM requirement is ridiculous. Result(s)? Crashes, freezes, slowness et al.

Granted, not everyone runs like 6 programs at startup and which reside in memory (I'm a utility freak), but I still think we should get the footprint DOWN.