New Sidebar Panel!

Wednesday September 5th, 2001

We've been working hard on finishing up our new sidebar panel for the site, and we'd love for you to take a look at it. Click the link in the column on the right to add it, and check it out. There are some issues with scrolling, but other than that, it should work well. It lets you check for recent news, as well as build bar ratings and comments, along with links to the rated builds. If you have problems or feed back, feel free to post in talkback, or send mail to Jason.

#8 Javascript...

by SmileyBen

Thursday September 6th, 2001 5:06 AM

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Will it ever be possible for Mozilla to tell that a link is to an XPI command (or whatever you'd call them), and thus warn you if it won't work without Javascript? I was trying to work out why the link didn't do anything, and eventually realised it was because I'd disabled JavaScript a couple of days ago. I know they look just like any other link, but since Mozilla interprets them curiously, surely it's possible?