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Wednesday September 5th, 2001

We asked Asa Dotzler of to update us on the general state of Mozilla, and of Click the Full Article link to read his reply.

#47 but WHY?

by sdm

Thursday September 6th, 2001 3:58 PM

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You all argue about the meaning behind Mitchell's departure, but no one is sure WHY she was "laid off." To quote Netscape: "This was part of the overall restructuring and is not reflective of any sort of policy change at Netscape with regard to Mozilla," said Netscape representative Catherine Corre. "Netscape is fully supportive of the current Mozilla organization, projects and philosophy."

But there are "sources" saying she was fired, with a convenient spin of layed-off. Does anyone know what department Mitchell was in, whether there were other layoffs there?

Could be that her position was eliminated because Netscape didn't want to spend 100K a year to lead this group. They knew she was willing to do it for free.