Full Article Attached Update on Tree Plan for 0.9.4

Saturday August 25th, 2001

Asa Dotzler has sent in an update to what's plans are for the 0.9.4 milestone. Click the full article link for more info on this, and what you can do to help.

#31 Re: Where is the actual plan

by johnlar <>

Monday August 27th, 2001 10:47 AM

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There actually is a document, I've seen it, can't seem to find it again though. But anyways, virtually all the features that are in now, is what 1.0 will consist of, plus anything in bugzilla marked as mozilla 1.0 (or less). But most importantly 1.0 is the target of API stability. Which we will have to be backwards compatible to from now on. Which so far, has been impossible, with the amount of major overhauls in the system. Things are stabalizing and cleaning up real nice, we should have something that can be frozen in no time. Then one must consider all the silly feature request for 1.0, many of which will probably get bumped to 1.01.