Full Article Attached Update on Tree Plan for 0.9.4

Saturday August 25th, 2001

Asa Dotzler has sent in an update to what's plans are for the 0.9.4 milestone. Click the full article link for more info on this, and what you can do to help.

#12 Re: Re: Re: Re: 1.0

by Sparkster

Sunday August 26th, 2001 12:20 PM

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Peep... not you again. :)

Yes, it took long.. Yes, it took longer than expected...

WTF cares?

I'm not a Mozilla Fanboywhatever, but I still judge software by it's quality, not by any marketing crap. Mozilla is shaping up pretty nicely, why should I bitch just because I think it could be nicer. This is so boooooooring. Always the same "arguments". Just live with it, use it if you like it, use something else if you like something else. I'm happy that there is a browser of IE quality (when using Windows and Netscape 6.1 I sometimes even forget that I'm using Netscape and not IE). Sure, it won't get the market leadership back, cause most people still use Windows and the included browser (which is pretty good), so there is no reason for them to change. I don't see a problem. Mozilla is still great for a lot of other people and web standards situation is also coming along pretty good. IE is pretty close to the standards as are Mozilla and KHTML. That said I don't have any problems anymore when surfing the web. I'm currently using a KHTML based browser. The internet world has become better, Mozilla was very important for this. This is no war (although some people liked to call it the "browser war"). We all just should be interested in quality software, not this kind of marketing and marketshare crap. That's not our business. And as long as Netscape is not going out of business (it doesn't seem so, they do not belong too much on the browser business) and non-IE users are not handicapped in the www, everything is fine. Mozilla becomes better from release to release and that's nice. They should release a 1.0 when we all think it's ready. Relax... :)