Full Article Attached Update on Tree Plan for 0.9.4

Saturday August 25th, 2001

Asa Dotzler has sent in an update to what's plans are for the 0.9.4 milestone. Click the full article link for more info on this, and what you can do to help.

#11 Re: Re: 1.0

by sleepy

Sunday August 26th, 2001 11:54 AM

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What Mozilla 1.0 should be is still very fuzzy (e.g. what features should be included? how many crasher bugs should be fixed?). So it does not make sense to predict when 1.0 will be released, nor does it make sense to say "I won't use Mozilla until it reaches 1.0!" Heck, Mozilla developers could lower their standards and release 1.0 tomorrow. At current state, Mozilla already surpasses many alternative browsers.

If people are so hung up on version numbers, maybe Mozilla should change the numbering scheme (e.g. use release date instead of version number). This will tell users that Mozilla is always in development. For stabilized "1.0" products, they can look for Netscape 6 or Galeon.